Erstwhile current affairs

Sep 2023. I give an invited talk at PhilML'23 in Tübingen.

Aug 2023. I give a talk at ECAP 9 in Vienna and at Progic 2023 in Utrecht.

Jul 2023. I teach a session at the Trust and Machine Learning summer school of the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart.

Jun 2023. Philosophy of Science accepts my invited review of John Norton's The Material Theory of Induction. A first version is also available of my paper on "Statistical learning theory and Occam's razor."

Jun 2023. I co-organize the Machine Learning meets Mathematical Philosophy workshop with the MCMP and the Munich Center for Machine Learning. I also give an invited talk at the AI & Mathematics (AIM2023) workshop at the University of Twente.

May 2023. I represent Munich at the Tübingen-Hannover Workshop on Philosophy of AI/ML. I also give a talk at the Formal Methods cluster of the King's College London Department of Philosophy.

Apr 2023. In the 2023 summer semester I teach an advanced seminar on Philosophy of Statistics. I also organize, together with Timo Freiesleben, a new round of the MCMP reading group on philosophy of machine learning.

Apr 2023. my paper with Peter Grünwald on the no-free-lunch theorems is featured on (in German).

Apr 2023. I start my Emmy Noether project.

Mar 2023. I visit Jan-Willem Romeijn at the Groningen Department of Theoretical Philosophy.

Mar 2023. I organize a workshop on Theory and Epistemology of Machine Learning.

Feb 2023. I visit Konstantin Genin at the Tübingen Cluster of Excellence "Machine Learning for Science".